CATV Channel Modulator

  • CATV Channel Modulator


    A headend equipment for adjacent channel modulation of image and acoustical signals. Medium frequency treatment technique and phase locked loop technology are adopted to improve frequency stability and reduce signal distortion. It’s the best choice for large and medium-sized CATV systems.



    •     High performance Surface Acoustic Wave Filters and Spiral Bandpass
    Filters are adopted to improve out-of-band rejection.
    •     Independent RF Power Amplifiers are inside. The output level is up to over 110dBμV.
    •     Vision signal modulation, audio deviation, A/V ratio and output level can be adjusted on the front panel.
    •     Automatic storage and channel retention after power off

    Part No. Description
    308-FMC680-0000 860MHz Adjacent Channel Modulator
    308-AMC78B-0000 860MHz Adjacent Channel Agile Modulator