Cat 6A Solutions

  • CAT 6A 4-Pair 23AWG F/UTP Cable


    Alantek Cat6A Twisted Pair Cable is designed to support high-bandwidth application up to 10Gigabit Ethernet. The cable is composed of 23 AWG bare solid copper conductors insulated with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) insulation. The 4 twisted pairs are separated by a flexible PE separator, an additional layer of Aluminium foil covers the 4 pairs and is completed with an Outer Jacket.

    Part No. Description PDF
    301-6AFU08-L3GY Cat 6A 4-pairs 23AWG F/UTP Shielded, LSZH, Grey – 305m/reel Download PDF
  • Category 6A Shielded Keystone Jack


    Alantek Cat 6A Jack is designed to provide superior performance and reliability. Its advance circuit design provides optimum signal quality, allowing it to exceed TIA/EIA, ISO (Category 6A) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Performance standards.

    Part No. Description PDF
    302-2QX6AF-18AB Cat 6A Shielded (Alloy) 180° Quick Crimp Keystone Jack Download PDF
    302-1005W2-F103 8 Position Quick Crimp Tool (for QX series modular jack) Download PDF
  • Cat6A Shielded S/FTP 26A Molded Patch Cord


    Alantek Cat6A S/FTP Patch Cord is designed to assure high performance. The patch cable is terminated in factory with 8P8C, 50u” gold plated RJ45 Plug. All Patch Cords are 100% tested in the factory to ensure 10 Gigabit Ethernet performances.

    Part No. Description PDF
    302-4MSAxx-MLyy xx meter, Cat 6A S/FTP shielded 4-Pairs Molded Patch Cords, LSZH Download PDF
    Available colours (yy): BL= Black , WH= White, RD= Red, GN= Green, BU= Blue, PR= Purple, OR= Orange, YL= Yellow, GY=Grey
  • Modular Keystone Shielded Blank Patch Panel

    Part No. Description PDF
    302-201BF1-24BL 1U 24-Port Shielded Blank Patch Panel with label Download PDF
    302-201BF1-48BL U 48-Port Shielded Blank Patch Panel Download PDF
    302-201BF2-72BL 2U 72-Port Shielded Blank Patch Panel
    302-2A1BF1-24BL 1U 24-Port Shielded Blank Angled Patch Panel Download PDF
    302-2A1BF2-72BL 2U 72-Port Shielded Blank Angled Patch Panel