Category 6 Patch Panel

Alantek Cat6 Unshielded Patch Panel is a rack mountable 24 ports RJ45 jack panel. The Dual IDC connection on the rear of the panel support two type of termination. The front of the panel has transparent plastic holders for the port identification labels. For better patch cord management, a management panel is attached to the front of the panel.

Shielded Cat 6 Dual IDC patch panel is available for environment that has high Electromagnetic Interference. The Shielded Cat 6 panel has Silk screen labels at the front.

For more Shielded panel solutions, please refer to the modular blank panel from Cat6A series

Part No. Description
302-201601-24AB 1U Cat 6 24-port Unshielded Dual IDC Patch Panel c/w Front Cable Management
302-2A1601-24AB 1U Cat 6 24-port Unshielded Dual IDC Angled Patch Panel
302-201601-48AB 2U Cat 6 48-port Unshielded Dual IDC Patch Panel
302-201BLN-24BL 1U 24-port Unshielded Blank Patch Panel
302-2016F1-2400 1U Cat 6 24-port Shielded Dual IDC Patch Panel