Fiber Optic Patch Cord and Pigtail

Alantek Fiber Optic Patch and Pigtail come in various lengths and configurations. All the Patch Cords and Pigtails are factories terminated and tested to ensure high optical performance.

Part No. Description
306-72322M-0030 SC/SC Duplex Singlemode 9/125um Fiber Optic Patch Cord – 3m
3XG-52312M-0050 ST/SC Duplex OM3 50/125um Fiber Optic Patch Cord – 5m
306-7P379M-0010 LC Singlemode 9/125um Pigtail – 1m
3XG-5P329M-1M50 SC OM3 50/125um Pigtail – 1.5m