MTP/MPO Indoor Fiber Optic Trunk Cable

Alantek MPO fiber optic cables is pre-terminated in the factory to allow quick deployments and is pre-tested to ensure reliability. Pre-calculated length multi-fiber MTP trunk cable assemblies have been proven to substantially reduce installation times and provide better reliability. Not forgetting MPO breakout cable can be used now and later upgrade to female-female MPO for full 100G transfer

Note: Breakout(Fan-out) will have a 1m inline fan-out (2mm jacket)

mtp picture

Part No. Description
3MP-3MMMMB-25M0 12-core OM3 MPO(m)-MPO(m), Type-B, PVC Trunk Cable, 25m
3MP-3FMFMB-1M50 12-core OM3 MPO(f)-MPO(f), Type-B, PVC Patch Cable, 1.5m
3MP-3FMMMA-10M0 12-core OM3 MPO(f)-MPO(m), Type-B, PVC Trunk Extension Cable, 10m
3MP-3FMLDA-3M00 12-core OM3 MPO(f)-6 Duplex LC, Type-A, PVC MPO Breakout Cable, 3m
3MP-4FMLDS-3M0L 8-core OM4 MPO(f)-4 Duplex LC, Type-QSFP, LSZH MPO Breakout Cable, 3m