Plugs and Boot

Alantek Cat 6A, 6, plugs is designed with gold plating on contacts suitable for termination on 23 AWG to 24 AWG solid and stranded cables. Colour boots are available to provide identification and strain relief.

Note : Plugs termination do not qualify for Alantek 25years warranty program.

Part No. Description
302-203FA6-1550 Cat 6A Shielded RJ45 Plug 8P8C 1.5mm 50µm
302-203F06-1250 Cat 6 Shielded RJ45 Plug 8P8C 1.2mm 50µm
302-09110T-75xx 7.5mm RJ45 Rubber Boot, xx (for 1.2-1.5)
302-203006-0050 7.5mm RJ45 Rubber Boot, xx (for 1.2-1.5)
302-20300E-0050 Cat 5e RJ45 Plug 8P8C 50µm
302-203F0E-0050 Cat 5e Shielded RJ45 Plug 8P8C 50µm
302-091100-00xx RJ45 Rubber Boot (0.55-0.65mm), xx
302-203003-0003 Cat3 RJ11 Plug, 6P4C
Substitute : xx with BL=Black, WH=White, RD=Red, YL=Yellow, BU=Blue, GN=Green, PK=Pink, PR=Purple,vOR=Orange, TN=Tan(grey)