Compression F Connectors

This compression F connector series is a well-proven design that secures the cable to the connector in a 360° compressed plastic sleeve.


  • 1-piece design, simplify termination time.
  • Assist Guide for easy insertion and guide. The guide can be discarded when cable’s foam insulation is fully flush with the post.
  • Double(triple for RG11) rubber O-ring to prevent moisture migration.
  • Weather-resistant Nickel-Tin Plated Brass body.
  • UV resistant plastic sleeve.
  • Excellent return loss of 27~43dB @ 1GHz*
  • Cable retention exceeds 18kg(40lb) minimum as specified by the SCTE

Physical Properties

Nut : Brass with Nickel Tin Plated
Collar : Brass with Nickel Tin Plated
Post : Brass with Tin Plated
O-Rings : Ethylene Propylene Rubber

Electrical Properties

Insertion Loss : ≤ 0.18 dB (up to 1GHz Typical)
RFI Shielding : -85 dB (up to 1GHz Typical)
Return Loss (min)

Mechanical Properties

Environmental Properties

Operation Temperature : -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
Moisture Migration : Complies to ANSI/SCTE 60 2004

Tools Required