CATV Indoor Splitter

Alantek CATV Splitter is designed with high-grade circuitry for minimal signal loss and maximum transfer. With a ground connection and a precision cast body, it is an effective and durable solution.


  • Zinc plated housing, corrosion resistance
  • Double Mounting Taps for easy installation
  • Low insertion loss, high Isolation, and Return loss
  • All ports with blocking capacitors
  • Concave soldered-back design for protection against RFI
  • Connector: F female, 75Ω

​Also available in 10, 12,14, and 16 ways.

Part No. Description
308-ISPV02-00002 2-Way CATV Indoor Splitter
308-ISPV03-0000 3-Way CATV Indoor Splitter
308-ISPV04-0000 4-Way CATV Indoor Splitter
308-ISPV06-0000 6-Way CATV Indoor Splitter
308-ISPV08-0000 8-Way CATV Indoor Splitter